Tools to run your business

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ERP, CRM, POS, HR … the list of acronyms is not a short one when it involves what you

need to run your business. In the fast paced and competitive world we now live in it is near impossible to thrive and grow your business without the proper management tools. But what are your options? And how do you make the right choices?

Traditionally Enterprise management systems cost Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Rands to implement and thus were only available to large corporations. But now any small or medium sized business can benefit from these sophisticated technologies affordably!

Wyred IT has been implementing business management tools for over 15 years and we believe that we can assist any business, regardless of nature or size, to put into place the right tools to manage and grow their operation. Our philospohy:

Keep it simple. Keep it affordable. Make sure it’s scale-able


With that in mind Wyred IT has refined it’s offering over many years to a single, world class AND online, Sales Management (CRM), Accounting, and collaboration platform that is scale-able to a fully integrated Enterprise Resource planning system. Our ERP tools include – HR, Project management, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Point of Sale, etc, etc.

Our solution is hosted in a cloud environment which means access is easily available via any browser whether it be on a pc, tablet or smart phone. Imagine having all your companies vital data available to you anytime, anywhere!



In it’s most basic form, our rapid deployment solution offers the following features and benefits and can be rolled out within 4 weeks~


  • Cloud based
  • Contact / customer database with easy searching and categorisation
  • Customer Tracking / Contact manager
  • User defined fields
  • Lead logging, manual or automated via email address
  • Opportunity logging and tracking
  • Quote creation, sending and tracking
  • Sales software for quotes and order tracking
  • Online accounting includes fast Invoicing and tracking
  • Payment logging
  • Mass mailing
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • After sales help desk and claims
  • Ordering, purchase management and supplier invoices
  • Dashboards and reports



  • Improve turn-around times with access your customer database from anywhere, PC, Phone or tablet
  • Enhance sales efforts and closing ratios with lead, opportunity and sales tracking management
  • Improve lead follow up by catching interest formally from your website
  • Make communication more effective with team and clients
  • Quote faster and thus increase sales capacity
  • Increase control on sales with quote tracking and follow up
  • Speed up [quote - to order - to invoice] process
  • Track outstanding invoices better by allowing sales people to log payments
  • Give sales people visibility to unpaid invoices while selling to existing clients
  • Increase brand power and sales with newsletters directly from your database
  • Tighten your team with internal messaging
  • Increase customer satisfaction with after sales services
  • Improve decision making ability with reports and dashboards

Sales software / Sales applications

… and much more