Our Value proposition

Wyred IT sets out to offer 2 distinct points of value to our clients:

Streamline РOur first endeavour is to reduce, as much as possible, the time our clients spend processing daily activities and business processes. As the old adage goes, Time = Money. We have found this to be true 100% of the time.


In each environment that we have conducted our streamlining process we have been able to equate the time saved to hard currency. This value, in each unit, is  often is as high as a salary for an additional employee doing the same function! Could you be saving the equivalent of a salary each month?

Once we are saving our clients time and money we focus on our second point of value…

Feedback – Science predicts that some day in the future every human will move around with a device that constantly gives them information on their vital statistics. Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc

What are the vitals of your business? What keeps it pulsing, pumping, breathing? More practically, how easily can you access real time information on cash flow, sales, costs, profits, production, employees, etc…?

The good news is, you don’t have to wait for the future!

We know better than most that it’s very difficult to put a value on having real-time, up to the minute, anywhere access to all the vitals of your business. But we do know that if you could put a value on it, it would be a lot. Our clients all agree that having the needed information on-tap, to understand and make decisions in their businesses, is now something they could never live without. Can you really afford to wait days or even weeks for the hard facts of how your business is performing? We think not…

BusinessToolsWhere are you right now?

Please see our snapshots page for examples of the powerful reports and dashboards our system generates (snapshots page)