About us

Wyred IT finds its passion in business StreamlineBusinessProcessERprocess automation.

We believe that in any business environment there are a number of manual processes and duplication of activities that cost businesses severely in unnecessary time and MONEY. This has been proven at each site that we work with and continue to support. In the ideal world, employees should be able to push a single button to complete each small operation that they are required to complete. This is never the case however, and although we can’t always¬†narrow time spent down to just the pushing of a single button, we do have an impressive track record in greatly minimizing energy and effort required to complete businesses processes. Our tools include:

OnlineERP – a full suite of business apps, fully integrated with each other, online

GoldMine – a world class CRM application built to bring sales teams together

Alchemex – an industry standard application that allows fast reporting into custom Excel templates from any database

Excel – we all use it. We’re willing to bet that we could save you time by modernising your Excel processes or giving you advanced training

SQL and Access – let us commit your data to a database that is secure and allows you to mine it for greater business intelligence

Through good service as business management consultancy Wyred IT has also established itself as an IT service provider. We are able to implement and support any size Microsoft network and currently support a range of software and hardware products including:

MS Server


Windows desktop software

MS Office

Mac OS


Remote access and management


Regardless of what we are doing, our objective is always to make things run better, faster, more efficiently and with greater control

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